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The Sabre hood:

The Sabre hood is an internet based Motorcycle Riders Group that was founded by Honda Shadow Sabre owners and is now open to all makes and models.  We don’t claim any territory and we respect every other motorcycle organization equally.  Our motto is “NO RULES – JUST RIDE”.  I don’t have anyone moderating the forum besides myself.. because I don’t need it.  The members here moderate themselves. If someone screws up, their brothers and sisters will let them know about it.

Don’t Own A Sabre?

In the Sabre hood, we don’t care what you ride.  Even if you’ve had to sell your ride because the economy sucks, we welcome you with open arms.  We have several members that are between rides, and they are welcome in the Hood as long as they want to be here.  Just treat others as you want to be treated and you’ll get along.

Sabre hood Rides and other events

Sabre hood Rides: We do have several Annual rides as well as regional rides.  Please check the ride calendar for these events. There are special ride sections in the forums where messages about each ride are posted and updated.

What makes the Sabre hood so special. It’s the people. It’s free to join, there aren’t any power hungry mods riding your ass and the members police each other. This is the way a forum should be run!.

This slideshow is of some of the many brands and models that members of the Sabre hood own/ride. not just the Honda Shadow Sabre but also Honda Goldwing, Victory, Yamaha, Suzuki, Harley Davidsons and others.

If you’re  a member and want to upload your own picture, then click on the select file and then upload. I will check it and approve it for inclusion. Put your Sabre Hood Name in the Description field!

The Open Road

9 Responses to “Welcome to the Sabrehood.org”

  • Jaime:

    Wanting to know if you know anyone that may have stock exhaust (in good shape) that will fit ’05 sabre


    • matt:

      Go to the forum and sign up then post up what you’re looking for.. you’ll get answers right away!

      Matt “The Mayor of the Hood”

    • Steve Jett -"Jetman":

      I have a set of stockers that will fit. Typically on the hood, the going rate is $50.00 + Shipping.
      Let me know a zip so I can get you a shipping estimate if your interested.

      • Wade G:

        I would be interested in those pips. Please email me a photo of the pipes. i Have an 02 Sabre with aftermarket pipes that are going out. I live in Brownwood Texas. 76801

  • 1100pigpen:

    First – I apologize for just jumping onto your forum and I am not sure if I am participating correctly! With that said – I am looking for a stock right side cover for an ’02 Sabre. Thanks!

  • Brett Sullivan:

    Howdy. I’ve had my 03 Sabre 1100 for 3 years. I bought it stock from a young man about to have his first kid. It had 5700 miles on it. I just turned 16k miles on it and have put some $$ into aftermarket goodies over the past 3 years and am near completion. Just need a sweet gal on the back and a few friends to ride with…

    I tried to upload a pic but not sure if it took…

  • Ross Swain:

    Saw a Veterans Day 2014 comment from your member Napom. My dad served in the same unit as Napom’s great uncle who is mentioned in the post. I can fill them in on a lot of history of the unit if they are interested.

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